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    Downline Builder Rules


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    Downline Builder Rules

    Post  marojdebo on Thu Jun 30, 2011 1:35 pm

    Through the downline builder you make sure to gain at least one referral for a specific program. You sign up under someone's referral link, and then someone signs up under your referral link. Is that simple!!

    1. Search the board for a certain program.
    2. Go to the last post, reply with a message saying Registering and sign up under the referral link.
    3. After you register, go to the board and edit your post. Write Registered Under (last post's nickname) and put your referral link.


    If you search the board and didn't find the topic for the program you're looking for, then you may start a new topic with the title of that site.

    Different than the referral exchange, in the downline builder the members aren't obliged to be active. If you no longer are interested in this site, just go to your post and delete it.

    Topics related to scam sites are going to be deleted. The staff are free to delete any topic related to a site with suspicious activities.

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